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Fake Furs — Fragments | Winter 2014.
In the meantime, we released the third track from the album, In Between Spaces.


 (at Triangle Wave Records)
#joshhomme being a real G.
#joshhomme being a real g.
Vote for the #MakeAChoice campaign. They help fight domestic and sexual violence within the LA and youth communities. 
It seriously takes less than 30 seconds to do.

Check out Laszlo’s ice bucket challenge on our YouTube channel:

If you don’t give a fuck, the track is available as free download for a limited time here: http://soundcloud.com/fakefurs/paralyzed

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Night reading.
#morethanawoman #shadingthroughthewomenofhiphop
Get ready for the mind-boggling, face-eradicating spam of Fake Furs stickers that will come your way.